What is iOBD2?
iOBD2 is an OBDII Bluetooth adapter that
communicates with your car and displays
you the data by your smart mobile devices.
iOBD2 supports iOS or Android devices in one
unit by Bluetooth. iOBD2 works with cars that
are OBD II/EOBD compliant.

How iOBD2 can help you?
Read and Clear trouble codes

iOBD2 talks to your car through the OBD2 port
which normally locates under the steering wheel.
When the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) is on,
you can easily plug the iOBD2 adapter into
the OBD II port. Once connected, the iOBD2 app
will display the trouble codes with detailed
information.You can simply clear the codes by yourself.


Read real-time data of your car engine

Knowing the real-time data of your car engine is important to keep your car
engine healthy. iOBD2 shows you the important parameters and helps to
monitor your car at any time.


Display you live data with four slick virtual dashboards

There are four modes with the virtual dashboards, idle mode, cruise mode
sport mode, and custom mode. The first three modes display you different data
In the custom mode, you can select to display the data you preferred such as
power, horse power, torque, etc.


Track your trip

Whenever you drive for a trip, iOBD2 will automatically track your trip and save
your trip data in history menu, including the trip start time, trip end time, total
trip time, trip distance, average speed and average fuel consumption.



Know how fast your car can run

Want to know how your car performs in speed?
Take 0 to 100km/h acceleration
test with iOBD2, you will get an idea
of how fast your car can run